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How I got hooked…

I don’t know whether a love of crime can be hereditary but if it can mine certainly was. My mum is a big fan of crime fiction whereas my prediliction is true crime.

My first introduction to true crime was actually from a school mate, and he lent me a copy of John Pearson’ The Profession of Violence about the Kray Twins, I loved the book, the story, the romance of the gangster and the violence didn’t bother me either, so much so I read it twice, one after the other.

From that day forward I was addicted to stories about the Krays and other true crime, the Richardsons, the Great Train Robbery, Dr Crippen, Buck Ruxton and many many more I read everything I could about British crime and once I’d read all I could I started on everything else.

I find everything about crime fascinating, the crime itself, the investigation, the who, the what and why so it amazes me I have waited so bloody long to start a crime website.

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