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Not a cereal in sight

The lives and crimes of serial killers intrigues many of us and recently I’ve been looking at quotes and other facts about these individuals. One of the facts that I have looked into where their last meals prior to being executed from death row. Below I have listed the final meals of famous and some

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They said what?

Have you ever wondered where you’ve heard a quote before? There is every possibility that it came originally from the mouth of some of the world’s worst minds… The following is a collection of quotes, some are comical, some are rather dark, some quite deep, and then some that are just plain nutty!! Enjoy. You

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Last Words…

We have collated a selection of final words either said or written by people on Death Row, we have included the most interesting ones, we did note in our research that most of the people proclaim their innocence or praise God or Allah in their final moments, others said this… Kiss My Ass – John

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Buck Ruxton

I was born in Lancaster, UK and because of that I’ve always had an interest in Dr Ruxton and the crime he committed back in 1935, as kids we heard stories of where his bath ended up and thought they were old wives tales but as I got older I found it to be crazy

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How I got hooked…

I don’t know whether a love of crime can be hereditary but if it can mine certainly was. My mum is a big fan of crime fiction whereas my prediliction is true crime. My first introduction to true crime was actually from a school mate, and he lent me a copy of John Pearson’ The

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