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The True Crime Community

I recently started this website along with my Instagram, Facebook etc and having been on the socials for other businesses for over a decade I have to admit that I have found that the #TrueCrimeCommunity is simply the best and most supportive group of all the people I have come across.

Below are some of the people and businesses that I would recommend wholeheartedly:


Serial Sistaaas is a true-crime podcast hosted by sisters Devin & Audie Dennis, they are fairly new podcasters, eight episodes at the time of writing, and they have a refreshing and vibrant opinion on the crimes they cover with some much-needed laughter thrown in whilst being respectful to the victims. Definitely worth a listen!!

Serial Sistaaas on Instagram

Serial Sistaaas on Twitter

Serial Sistaaas on TikTok

Serial Sistaaas on Spotify (you can also find them on all other podcasting platforms, such remember when you search that there are 3 AAA’s!

Creeps & Crimes

Creeps & Crimes is a true-crime blog in a calendar format that gives you information every day of crimes, criminals or events that occurred on that day. I love this blog and the associated Instagram account, it gives me a great fix of true crime each and every day. You can check Creeps & Crimes out here:

Creeps & Crimes Blog

Creeps & Crimes on Instagram

Creeps & Crimes on Buy Me A Coffee

Foxbox Detectives

At FOXBOX they create immersive gaming experiences for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home! Act as real detectives to solve a cold case! They are always working on new products, so keep your eyes peeled! Their detective packs are so good they have been given Etsy’ showcase business of the day on several occasions and they have numerous five-star ratings! Check them out today

Foxbox Detectives on Etsy

Foxbox Detectives on eBay

Foxbox Detectives on Instagram

Foxbox Detectives on Facebook